Here are some of the ideas that we have used.

We have put together cane pioneering packs to give to each Scout so that everyone had the items required for our projects. We bought them in bulk - but later found that Wilkinsons sell 10 x 2.4m bamboo canes for £3.


  • The Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction by John Austin have some really good ideas - depending on the edition they are availbale for about £10 - £15 - some may be available second hand on eBay (if I've not bought them already)
  • Adapting the pioneering projects by John Sweet to cane pioneering size is another option.

Our packs for Scouts

  • it is cheaper to buy long canes and cut down to the despired size (if you have the time)
  • 15 x 18" bamboo canes
  • 3 x 3' bamboo canes
  • 15 x 18' green split canes (good for bits - bit not strong enough for ballistas etc
  • approx 50 - number 18 elastic bands
  • approx 59 - number 36 elastic bands
  • should have included a plastic bottle top with 3 holes for elastic bands for holding arrows
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